Lanai Shades

Lanai Shades

Lanai Shades provide enhanced privacy and UV protection for your outdoor areas, whether on enclosed lanais or other exterior spaces. Offering a cost-effective alternative to fully installed screens, these shades come in various opacity levels, ranging from 1% to 10%, and a diverse array of colors.

Additionally, these shades can be equipped with a wind sensor feature, automatically raising them in the presence of strong winds for added convenience and protection. Offering both sun shielding and advanced functionality, Lanai Shades are an ideal choice for outdoor spaces in the Florida climate.

Lanai Solar Shades on pool

Why Install Lanai Shades?

  • Sun Protection: Lanai Shades offer excellent protection against the intense Florida sunlight, shielding your outdoor space from harmful UV rays.
  • Privacy: Enhance the privacy of your lanai or exterior space with Lanai Shades, ensuring a comfortable and secluded environment.
  • Cost-Effective Outdoor Solution: As a more economical alternative to fully installed screens, Lanai Shades provide a budget-friendly option for outdoor spaces.
  • Versatility in Opacity: Choose from a range of opacity levels, from 1% to 10%, allowing you to control the amount of light and visibility in your outdoor area.
  • Variety of Colors: Lanai Shades come in a diverse array of colors, allowing you to customize and coordinate with the aesthetic of your outdoor space.
  • Motorization Option: Enjoy the convenience of motorized Lanai Shades, providing easy and efficient control over your outdoor shading solution.

Installation Options For Exterior Lanai Shades

Control Options

Choose between various control options, from cordless, motorized, voice controlled, and cord-loop systems.

Valance Options

We offer various valance options to choose from, including flat fabric valances, curved cassettes, and metal facias.

Fabric Opacity

The openness factors of 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, and 10% provide a spectrum of options. A 1% openness offers maximum UV protection and privacy, while a 10% openness allows more natural light, preserving your outdoor views.

Lanai Screen Shades

How To Care For Your Exterior Lanai Shades?

Maintain the beauty and functionality of your Exterior Lanai Shades with regular care and gentle cleaning. Follow these steps to ensure your shades stay fresh and in optimal condition:

1. Regular Dusting: Use a feather duster or a soft, dry cloth to gently dust your Lanai Shades regularly. This helps prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.

2. Vacuuming: For a more thorough clean, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Gently run it over the shades to remove embedded dust.

3. Spot Cleaning: In case of spills or stains, address them promptly by gently spot cleaning with a mild detergent and water solution. Use a soft cloth or sponge, and avoid over-saturating the fabric.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Refrain from using harsh chemicals or solvents, as they can damage the fabric and affect the appearance of your Lanai Shades.

Learn More About Exterior Lanai Shades

Our expert team is ready to guide you through the selection process of exterior lanai shades, offering insights into the perfect opacity, fabric choices, and design elements to suit your unique style.

With a lifetime warranty, free installation, and complimentary in-home consultations, Athens Shutters ensures a satisfying experience. Contact us today to take the first step toward transforming your windows with lanai shades.

Lanai Screen Shades

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“Athens Shutters did a great job from measuring, ordering and installation of our lanai shades. James was a pleasure to do business with – on time, and good communication! I highly recommend Athens Shutters.” – Paula Clinard, Punta Gorda (see review on Google Maps)

“Had them install new blinds for my grandma. They have a great selection from all wooden to various types of shades. Very professional and did a great job. Highly recommend.” – Robert Korthals, Sarasota (see review on Google Maps)

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