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Graber Pleated Shades, with inspired textiles spanning a spectrum of colors, patterns, and textures, these shades boast crisp pleats that enhance any space. The EvenPleat® design ensures even spacing, preventing sagging and enhancing longevity.

With options for every decor, classic one-inch and larger two-inch pleats, and versatile Sun Up/Sun Down and Perfect-Vue™ Shades, Graber Pleated Shades provide endless possibilities. Elevate privacy and light control further with the addition of liners and enhanced room-darkening features.

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Why Install Pleated Shades?

  • Versatile Style: Pleated shades from Graber offer a wide range of inspired textiles, colors, patterns, and textures. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more contemporary, there’s a fabric to match every style.
  • Sizing Options: Choose from classic one-inch pleats for a timeless appeal or opt for larger two-inch pleats to add drama to windows with more expansive proportions. Pleated shades offer flexibility to suit different window sizes and styles.
  • Sun Up/Sun Down and Perfect-Vue™ Shades: The versatility of combining two fabrics in Sun Up/Sun Down and Perfect-Vue™ Shades. This allows for flexibility in style, light control, and privacy, offering dynamic options for various times of the day.
  • Privacy and Light Control: Enhance privacy and control the amount of natural light entering your space by including a privacy or blackout liner. Pleated shades cater to different room preferences, from subtle light filtering to complete room darkening.
  • Advanced Room-Darkening Features: For even darker rooms, opt for new and improved room-darkening side channels or a light-blocking strip. These enhancements provide an extra layer of darkness, making pleated shades an excellent choice for bedrooms or media rooms.
  • FashionPleat Option: For those who love the style but prefer a sleeker design, FashionPleat offers the same great aesthetics without the back-ladder, providing a clean and modern look.

Installation Options For Pleated Shades

Pleat Size

Whether you prefer a classic one-inch pleat for a timeless look or opt for larger two-inch pleats to add drama to larger windows, the variety of sizing options ensures a perfect fit for every space.

Privacy and Light Control Options

With the choice of liners, you can enhance privacy and control the amount of natural light entering your space. From subtle light filtering to complete room darkening.

Control Options

Pleated shades can be cordless, motorized, cord-controlled, or cord-loop operated.

How To Care For Your Pleated Shades?

Maintaining the appearance of your pleated shades is simple with these cleaning tips:

1 Light Dusting: Regularly dust your shades lightly to keep them looking new.

2. Vacuuming: For a deeper clean, gently vacuum with a brush attachment. Ensure the vacuum cleaner is on a non-aggressive setting.

3. Compressed Air or Hair Dryer (non-heat setting): Use compressed air or a hair dryer on a non-heat setting to blow dust off your shades effectively.

4. Spot-Cleaning: Address specific spots by spot-cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge dampened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent if necessary, and blot gently to avoid creasing or fabric damage. Avoid rubbing, as it may harm the fabric. Note that spot-cleaning may result in cleaner areas.

Learn More About Pleated Shades

Discover the benefits of our Pleated Shades. Learn more about our extensive range of customization options, from pleat sizes to operation methods.  Ready to transform your windows? Contact Athens Shutters today for a free consultation and explore the world of Pleated Shades tailored to your needs.

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